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The 2017 Fair has Come and Gone!

We hope you were able to join us for the 2017 Illinois State Fair.  Many days the weather was pleasant and we always had a good time, with a few new toys for the kids and demos for everyone. 

Follow us on Facebook.  Photos from this year's Fair appearing daily.

Conservation World, where our tent is located, was open 10 AM - 7 PM each day in 2017.  Our tent was open for the same hours, except we were not open for the final Sunday of the Fair. 

Here's some helpful maps.  We were in about the same place as we were in 2016.

Sign up here to join us.

Follow us on Facebook.  Photos from this year's Fair will appear daily.

Photos from the 2017 Fair are on line.

Check out our daily update of our activities at the Fair.

Flash DriveAll volunteers that help us at the Fair were given an 8 or 16 GB flash drive as a token of our appreciation. 

Information for our visitors at the Fair:


Please help:  If we are to continue to have a tent at the Fair, we really need donations and volunteers.  Whatever you can do to help will be appreciated.


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A consortium of Illinois Sections of the American Chemical Society is hosting a booth at the Illinois State Fair.   We are presenting a variety of exciting chemistry demonstrations and hands-on activities suitable for young students, as well as an interactive simple chemistry quiz.  Literature is available on environmental issues, lists of educational resources, and ACS activities for students, science teachers, and the general public.  Packets of information, including resource CDs, are offered to teachers visiting our booth.

Where is our tent?  Here are some maps to help you find your way.  Conservation World is in the north-west corner of the Fairgrounds.  Local weather near the Fairgrounds.

*  To qualify for the free admission and parking you must register on line as a volunteer and select times to work by Friday, August 4.  Otherwise we have no way of getting a parking pass and admission ticket to you on time.

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