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August 11-19, 2017,       Springfield, Illinois


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Thank you for offering to volunteer to help the Illinois Sections of the ACS at the Illinois State Fair.  There are two easy steps to follow to let us know when you will be available.

  1. Submit your name and contact information on our Signup Sheet .   Note:  Even if you signed up last year, you will need to resubmit your data again this year.  This is our way of insuring that we have your current contact information.   Thank you. 
  2. If you have already signed up, you can directly follow a link to enter times for which you will be available, or at a later date come back here to log back in and add to or change the timeslots for which you have volunteered.   You can also log in to change any of your contact data or other signup information.

Some important notes:

  1. All volunteers will get free parking and a free admission to the Fair (a $15-$20 value). * 
  2. Tickets and parking passes have been mailed to all volunteers that have registered on our site by August 2.   If you have registered by August 2 and haven't received your admission packet by August 7, please email  and let us know.  If you are just now registering, you will have to either make arrangements with us to pick up your ticket and parking pass at the Springfield Staybridge Hotel during the days of the Fair or pay your own way in.
  3. Here are some helpful maps.   Our tent is in Conservation World, which is located in the north-west corner of the Fairgrounds.  It is suggested that volunteers enter Gate 7 off Taintor Road, and park in the lot just across from the Fairgrounds, on the north side of Taintor, with the parking pass we will provide. 
  4. Sometimes the web server is very slow to respond.  Please be patient when submitting your information. 
  5. When you first register, we ask you to provide a password.  Pick any password you like, but no spaces or special characters in it.   If you wish to log back in and change anything, by entering your password we will know it is you.  Make a note of the password you choose. 
  6. Follow the link at the bottom of the registration form to a calendar of all the dates and timeslots for which we need help.  Please click on as many of them as you feel you can be available to help out.  The number of volunteers already signed up are listed at each slot.  Please consider being available on days where we are thin on helpers.  We would like 5-6 volunteers for each timeslot.  If a slot already has a lot of volunteers could you be available on a different day or time?
  7. If you need to come back and change anything on your contact information or scheduled dates, log back in and the form will remember your original selections.
  8. If you are volunteering to help set up our tent, please note that set-up will be on TUESDAY, August 8 and WEDNESDAY, August 9 this year instead of Thursday as it had been in some other years.
  9. We plan to use cell phones to stay connected during the Fair, so if you have one, please share the number with us.
  10. We will have available all the information you will need to handle any of the tasks at our tent, and someone will be available to answer any questions you might have.
  11. At any time you can change the timeslots for which you have signed up by following the link in #2 at the top of the page.   You will need your password to log back in to change your data.

Thank you, thank you for offering to help.  For problems with the registration/login procedure, please contact Milt at 847-680-1223 or .  For questions about scheduling or volunteer activities, please contact Craig McLauchlan at

*  To qualify for the free admission and parking you must register on line as a volunteer and select times to work before Thursday,, August 3.  Otherwise we have no way of getting a parking pass and admission ticket to you on time.

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