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Welcome to the Illinois Sections of the American Chemical Society Web Page and thank you for your interest in helping.  This is an exciting adventure for us and we can use help in many ways and forms.  Here are a few way that come to our minds:

  1. We need ideas of activities and displays for our tent at the Fair.
    • Literature to hand out promoting the roles of chemists in our daily lives.
    • Displays to set up to educate our guests on the ways in which chemistry betters our lives.
    • Mementos to hand out to remind our visitors, particularly the young students, of their visit to the ACS booth.
    • Anything else that might enhance our guests' experience while visiting us.
  2. We also need funds and resources to cover the costs of our exhibit.  Anyone providing a donation will be prominently recognized on a poster in the tent and on this website.  We would welcome participation from all the companies doing business in Illinois whose products are enhanced with the help of chemists and chemistry.  Do you have a story to tell?  We would love to help you tell it in our exhibit, as long as it isn't promoting a commercial product.
  3. And last, but certainly not least, we need volunteers to help us man our exhibit at the Fair.  We will be at the Fair for ten days, with three slots each day needing representatives.  We would like to have six volunteers at the booth at any time, so there is lots of opportunity to help out.  We will provide all the training and information you will need to be a Flash Drivevolunteer, and we will be there with you to get you started.  Even if you are only available for one timeslot for one day, your help will be greatly appreciated.  Please join us at the Fair.  All volunteers helping at the Fair in 2016 will be given an 8 GB flash drive as a token of our appreciation.  So, please come down and lend a hand.

Please click here to volunteer to help and sign up for specific time slots.  And if your plans change, you will always be able to log back in and change the days and times for which you have volunteered.  So, if you think you can join us, please sign up.  Thank you!!

Use the signup page to sign up as a volunteer.  To offer assistance in any other form, such as ideas, literature, or funding, please contact the appropriate individual on our Committee page, or contact Fran Kravitz, at 630-293-4122.


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